Committee Members

Duane Rae-Mclean

Chairman - Executive Committee Member & Promoter

Debbie Halford

Treasurer - Executive Committee Member, Finances & Go Cardless payments

Leanne Whittle

Secretary - Executive Committee Member & kit co-ordinator

Babs Ingram

Vice Chair - Junior Grand Prix & Officials Co-Ordinator

Andy Hall

Committee Member - Gala entreis & processing, AOE system          

Phil Coe

Committee Member - Webmaster

Andrew Littler

Committee Member - Gala Bookings

Paul Hopkinson

Committee Member - Team Manager training & development

Keith Kelly

Committee Member - Coach Liaison

Denise Mead

Committee Member & Events Promoter

Karen Stone

Committee Member - Club Engagement & PR

Rebecca Caddy

Committee Member - Sponsorship

Co-Opted Members & Helpers

John Hidle


Tina Palmer

Welfare Officer

Mike Hase

Co-Opted Member - Swim Mark

Nina Rawson

Co-Opted Member

Pippa Hibbs

Co-Opted Member Finance

Nathan Stevens

Co-Opted Member - DX North Liasion

Lee Busby

DX Open Meet Entries

Cathy Hall

Travel Bookings & Swim Camps

Esther Halford


Former Chairmen

Julie Gibson

2003 - 2005

Simon Taylor

2005 - 2008

Rob Hignett

2008 - 2009

Karl Davidson

2009 - 2013

Lesley Bates


About Us


Derventio eXcel is the elite swimming squad for Derbyshire, providing the apex of a performance pathway for Derbyshire swimmers and clubs.

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A full list of Committee Members and Club Helpers can be found on the Committee page along with links for getting in contact.


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