DX Qualifiers for 2012 British Championships

Molly Renshaw 100/200 Breast, 200/400 IM
Hannah Jones 200 Fly
Abbie Wood 100/200 Breast, 200/400 IM
Jodie Hawksworth 100/200 Breast
Kane Haggett 50 Free
Chris Steeples* 100/200 Breast
Zichen Liu* 100/200 Back
Ben Goodall 200 Fly, 1500 Free, 400 IM
Kevin Wallbank 100/200 Fly, 200 IM
Josh Booth* 100/200 Back
Sarah Vasey 100 Breast
TOTALS 11 Swimmers; 25 Qualifying Swims

 * Competing for university/school at National Championships

DX Qualifiers for 2012 ASA National BAGCAT, Youth and Senior Championships

Molly Renshaw 50/100/200 Breast, 200/400 IM
Hannah Jones 100/200 Fly
Abbie Wood 100/200 Breast, 200/400 IM, 200 Fly, 100/200/400 Free
Jodie Hawksworth 50/100/200 Breast
Kane Haggett 50/100 Free, 50 Back, 50 Fly
Sarah Vasey 50/100/200 Breast
Kevin Wallbank 100/200 Fly, 200/400 IM, 200 Breast
James Latham 100/200 Breast, 200 IM
Kathryn Roworth 100/200 Back
Kay Goulden 100/200 Fly
Lucy Wood 100/200 Back
Dylan Tomkinson 100/200 Breast, 400 IM
Fran Marshall 50/100 Free
Ben Goodall 400/1500 Free, 400 IM, 200 Fly
Danny Anderson 50/100/200 Breast
Chloe Johnson 200 Back
Eve Farnsworth 100/200 Back
Tyler-Anne Black 50 Free
Josh Booth* 100/200 Back
Imogen Clark 100 Breast
Harry Webster 100/200 Breast
Matt Smithurst 200 IM
Zichen Liu* 100/200 Back
Chris Steeples* 50/100/200 Breast
Ellé Pryce 100/200 Back
Mischa Menzies 100/200/400 Free
Jamie Ingram 1500 Free
Imogen Morris 200 Breast
TOTALS 28 Swimmers; 73 Qualifying Swims

* Competing for university/school at National Championships

Girls Youth 4×100 Free, 4×100 IM (A team and B team), 4×200 Free
Boys Youth 4×200 Free, 4×100 IM
Girls Age Group 4×100 IM
Boys Age Group 4×100 IM
TOTALS 5 Teams; 8 Qualifying Swims

DX Qualifiers for 2012 ASA National Open Water Championships

Jamie Ingram
Ben Goodall
Mischa Menzies
TOTALS 3 Swimmers

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